December 5, 2012

Countdown To Christmas: 50+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Women

Here are 50+ stocking stuffer ideas for women. 

It really depends on what your GF/Mum/Sister/Daughter/Friend is into but these are just some basic ideas.

1. Nail polish.

2. Magazine of something they'd be interested in (Cosmo, Vogue, Women's Health etc).

3. Lip balm.

4. Chocolate (preferably lots!).

5. Cute notepads or post-its. 

6. A pretty pen.

7. Nail files.

8. Hair ties.

9. Bobby pins or hair clips.

10. Travel size shampoo and/or conditioner.

11. Hand cream.

12. The latest CD that she's been wanting (anything from the top 10 section is sure to be a hit).

13. Fluffy bed/home socks.

14. A cell phone case (lots of cool iPhone ones out there).

15. Toothbrush/toothpaste/floss (we all need it).

16. Cotton makeup/toner rounds (I use SO many of these).

17. Cheap and cheerful jewellery.

18. Wet makeup wipes.

19. Body wash.

20. Travel size or roll on perfumes. 

21. Deodorant. 

22. Hand sanitiser.

23. Cute packet of tissues.

24. A keyring.

25. A diary for the coming year.

26. Small value gift cards ie. Starbucks, Subway.

27. A cute Christmas decoration for her tree.

28. A book by her favourite author.

29. Tank tops or singlets in white or black (staple wardrobe items).

30. A cute mug for her tea/coffee (she'll think of you everytime she uses it).

31. A scented candle.

32. A calendar for the year ahead.

33. Prepaid phone cards.

34. Headphones for iPod/MP3.

35. Sunglasses (southern hemisphere).

36. Mittens or a beanie (northern hemisphere).

37. One use hair/face masks.

38. Cotton buds/tips.

39. Cosmetic bag.

40. Wallet/purse.

41. Cell phone car charger.

42. Wrapped lollies/candy.

43. Shaving razor or refill cartridges.

44. Hair brush/comb.

45. Pencil case (student).

46. Small photo frames.

47. Small board games (like travel scrabble).

48. A cute shower cap.

49. Tweezers.

50. More chocolate (you can't go wrong!).

The following ideas are themed, so it's handy to know what they like.

Artistic: Pencils, pastels, paints, brushes, art pads.

Crafty: Ribbons, stamps, coloured pens, stickers, kraft paper.

Cook: Wooden utensils, tea towels, recipe book, oven mitts, specialty pasta etc.

Gardener: Mini tools (shovel, fork etc.), packet of seeds, gloves, hand scrub and cream.

Fitness: Protein bars, single protein shakes, workout gear (tank tops), socks, drink bottle.

Girly: Gel eye pads, toe separators, foot file, bath soak, lip gloss.

Party girl: Cocktail shaker, mini liquor bottles, shot glasses, Scholl party feet shoe inserts.

Hope this has given you many ideas for what to buy your loved woman this Christmas. Leave a comment below with your stocking suggestions.

- Lizy xx

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