December 3, 2012

Countdown To Christmas: O Christmas Tree

Welcome to my Countdown to Christmas series, where I'll be sharing with you how I'm preparing for Christmas in our house.
What better way to start than by sharing our Christmas tree?!

As we live in a rental, I like to make the non-permanent features of our house stand out. For the past two years our tree has been my pride and joy. I sneak it out a little earlier than I probably should, but because we always travel back to our hometown for Christmas,  I feel justified enjoying it a little bit longer. As you can see I have a classic/traditional aesthetic with a modern twist (the white tree). You won't find any crazy colours or decorations around here. Just beautiful things I've collected or made over the years. This year the tree is decked out in white, gold and silver. I am a believer in silver and gold together, especially on this tree. I'd love a big green tree with the traditional red and gold decorations but we are making do with what we've got this year. For a 22-year-old I think I have a lovely collection. I attribute this to Boxing Day 50%+ off sales where I'd buy pretty things and squirrel them away for the day I'd move out and have my own place. It definitely paid off in the long run, last year when I went to decorate our just-bought tree I could open 10+ containers of BRAND NEW decorations. It felt amazing! 

Of course working in a large department store means that visits to the Christmas Shop on my breaks are frequent and I'll often pop home with a sparkly gem or two. When I start decorating my tree, I put the lights on first. I plug them in also so that I can see where the gaps are. Then I place my bead garlands on (you'd pop your tinsel on at this stage too). I generally don't like the look of tinsel on trees (unless it's done really well) so I just avoid it altogether. Then I go crazy with the decorations! I pop the generic baubles on first to bulk it out and then add my special ones later. Here are some close ups of a few of my favourite decorations. 

Chris and I decided that we'd buy a special decoration every year together. This year we chose this beautiful, glass heart-shaped ornament with gold glitter.

This sparkly ballet slipper was one of those break-time purchases. I couldn't pass it up because it was just so pretty. I didn't even do ballet as a child!

This Maple leaf is part of a set of three. There is also an Oak leaf and I'm not quite sure what the other leaf is but they are beautiful! Sparkly and gold, just how I like them.

This white ball with the silver beads was a Boxing Day steal! It too is part of a three piece set. There is also a star and a drop sort of shape. I think I paid about a dollar for each.

I made a few of these paper 'flower' decorations last year and fixed them to some presents. A couple were left over so I put them on our tree. I love the pearl in the centre.

I made this Joyeux Noel decoration last year. It's not the best sewing job, but I cross-stitched it myself and I'm proud of it. I learned French for many years and am so in love with France it's not funny! I'll get there one day.

The glass ball in the front with the glitter swirls is the decoration Chris and I chose last year. So pretty.

This ornament is a little hard to see but its a clear church/cathedral with silver glitter. I love it as a visual reminder of why we celebrate Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season.

So there you have it! 
I'll be back soon with a picture of our tree at night and how I wrapped our presents this year. 
Leave me some links to your tree if you like. I love to look at other Christmas trees.

- Lizy xx


  1. That sure is a beautiful tree, Miss Lizy. You are enviably creative :-)

  2. Love your white tree! Following your new blog!! :)

    1. Thank you so much to both :) I definitely can't slack off blogging now! x


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